Annie Anderson

Hi, I'm Annie! Not only am I your instructor here at DBB Courses, I'm also a WordPress web designer and developer. I've been a graphic and web designer/developer since the early 1990's and have been building sites on WordPress since 2006.

Build a design agency, part 1

Building a design agency starts well before you decide on a name for your company or design a website. I know, those are the fun things! And we’ll get to them in another post.  First, let’s talk about where you should start. . . Your journey to creating a lasting and sustainable business starts with some basic questions: 1. WHY do you want to build …

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How to backup your WordPress website

  “OMG! What happened to my site!?” Ever gotten the proverbial “white screen of death?” It can happen when you’ve updated a plugin, your theme, or even WordPress core. Suddenly your site disappears with just a blank white screen. No error message. No content. Everything just GONE! But the worst thing is, you have no idea how to fix it! Backing up your site is …

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My favorite business books

A pretty big list of my favorite business books including classics, new classics, familiar resources and lots of innovative thinkers. You’ll want to check it out if you’re committed to making your business (and yourself) the best it can be.

Welcome to DBB!

Hey there! Welcome to Design. Build. Brand. I’m so glad you’re here. Although this website is pretty new, I’ve been around the design and WordPress community for well over 10 years. I started as a graphic designer in 1990, moved to webdesign in the late 90’s and started with WordPress around 2005. So, as you can imagine, I have a wealth of knowledge to share! …

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New year, new website

As everything continues to evolve, I have realized a crucial piece of the puzzle – there must be something that is a constant source of inspiration and action. For a lot of people, that’s either the evolution itself or the underlying mission (or both). For me, I’ve found that the constant is often art. And more specifically, either writing or design. Before the new year …

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